You are likely to be running out of money when an unforeseen expense pops up. Much as you have set aside some money, you might face cash shortfalls, and a situation worsens when you lose your job. Financial burden mounts up as you bank on your savings for recurring expenses, and you feel badly off when you come across an unforeseen expense such as medical treatment or repairing a laptop.

Unemployment is a painful phase that hinders the progress of your career, but you can manage it successfully with smart moves. Driving on a bumpy road can be difficult, but you slow down to cover miles. Likewise, unemployment can block the flow of your income, but you can finance your basic needs with a side gig. You can make money by doing a freelancing or a part-time job. If you have any income source other than a full-time job, lender will allow you to take out payday loans for unemployed.

These loans are very small loans. No other loan is as quickly processed as payday loans. You will get money as you put in the loan application. A lender mainly approves your application after taking into account your repayment capacity and income sources. You are likely to get less money than you quote, but not all lenders reasonable lend money.

Some lenders charge outrageously high interest rates and they do not muse over your repayment potential. Such lenders are known as loan sharks. They charge very high interest rates to entrap you into a permanent cycle of debt. Once you all in a debt trap, you will end up paying late payment fees and interest charges. More than 80% of payday borrowers struggle to get out of debt as they do not do enough research before borrowing money.

If you are taking payday loans for unemployed from direct lenders, you should consider the following tips:

Compare deals

You study throughout the year to qualify your exam, similarly you will have to do extensive research to choose the best and reliable lender. Do research, know interest rates and compare them with each other. Each lender follows a different policy, so you will find different APRs. Choose a lender who lends money at affordable interest rates. Make sure that you have read all terms and conditions on their sites. A lender must make soft inquiries and evaluate your income sources to make a decision. Do not borrow money from a lender who promises to give you what you quote. When you clinch the deal, ask your lender for a prepayment clause. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any doubt.

Know your affordability

Sometimes borrowers fail to pay off their debt on tine even if they chose most competitive deals. Of course, whenever you fall behind repayments, you cannot blame to a lender’s policy. Before you take the plunge, you should estimate how much money you can afford to borrow. The term of these loans is usually two weeks. Clearing all your dues within such a small period can be difficult if you have borrowed more than your repayment capacity. You must remember that you have to pay interest on the top of what you owe. Use online calculators to know the total cost of your loan. If you find it exceeding your net worth, you should pare down the borrowing amount.

Interrogate with your lender

Do not sign the loan agreement unless you have come to know about each term and condition of the loan. At the initial stage, you may not consider it worth doing as you do not know whether your lender will approve or turn down your application. Once the lender asks you to sign the agreement before the disbursal of money, you should ask them about late payment fees, interest charges, prepayment penalty clause and alternative payment offers. Do not forget to ask about processing fees. This is what lenders do not disclose. You can find the details about such fees in the agreement.

You can avoid falling prey to predatory payday loans for unemployed if you carefully choose a lender and evaluate your affordability. You should also increase your income sources to get out of debt quickly.