Do you need a new job desperately? You are not alone who want to land a new job as soon as possible. The unemployment phase is transitory but you may take forever to get a new full-time job as you are moving in a wrong direction.

When you lose your job for any reason, your financial condition disturbs and as a result, you take out loans for unemployed. These loans can help you tide over when you are running out of money but not for a very long time. Of course, you need to make efforts to get a new job.

Most of the times you think you are perfect for the job you have applied for, only to find that you have not been called for an interview. Whenever it happens, you conclude that perhaps the competition was great that the interviewer could not analyse your potential.    

It is certainly true that the competition in the recruitment industry is extremely tough that you need to make harder efforts to stand out. However, there are two other common reasons for rejection of applications: first, you did not understand the requirement and second, your application could not disclose why you are suitable for the job you are applying for.

Here are some tips that may help you uncover your skills and potential that the recruiter needs for the particular job:

Meet job requirements

As you get a job description, you should immediately sit down to peruse the selection criteria. Please note that recruiters are normally very strict with the criteria, so you have to meet all conditions mentioned. Failure to meet even a single condition may bring you disappointment. If you completely meet the criteria, you should figure out how you will prove an interviewer that you are competent for the job.

For instance, if you have applied for the vacancy of an event manager, you will show how many events you have organised and managed, what types of events you have managed, what skills you have used to clinch the deal, etc. You will not only demonstrate what you have done in your past job but also explain how the company was benefit from your work. An organisation wants to seek why they should hire you. You can answer it with your work while explaining how it was beneficial for companies you worked in.

Explore hidden requirements

Sometimes employers do not mention all requirements in job description. They often mention a contact number along with the concerned person whom you can talk to. If you have been given this opportunity, do not miss it. Employers give the number so that they can explain to you in detail about the job. Try to find someone who works in your target organisation. They can help you know about the company, work and culture in a better way.

Do not ignore any information that your company has sent over. Look over it carefully, visit the website and check how the organisation talks about itself. The website will help you know about the business, product and service it deals in. Try to find out who are the partners and clients of the company. You must have the basic information about the company and its business that becomes possible only when you go through the website.

Update your resume

Now that you have got to know about the eligibility criteria, the next step is to update your resume. Make sure that you add in your skills as well as work history. The employer will be keen to know about your skills that are apt for the job you are applying for. Since recruiters will shortlist an avalanche of applications, make sure that your resume is tidy and highlight those points straightaway that they are looking for. A recruiter hardly takes a few minutes to shortlist candidates. If your resume sounds like a research paper, you will be turned down even before they take a look at it.

Do not show desperation in interview

Do not sound desperate otherwise the employer will be sceptical about your skills and work history. This will pop up several questions like why you are so desperate, why you were unhappy at your previous job. Maybe you were not able to handle the work pressure or you may have been terminated due to your behavioural issues. Stay confident and calm.