What SEO Technologies Are Emerging (& Working) in 2022

Google changes and updates its algorithm EVERY SINGLE DAY.

That is not appalling. That is just something, which can make you more conscious of SEO trends in 2022.

And the thing is that SEO and Technology have been hard-wired since the former’s inception (or when the Internet came into existence).

But it is also true that we need a more powerful SEO work this year as the competition’s increasing and that it will do so in the coming years.

In saying so, it can be stated that we now need more and more ideas to make them team up with SEO technologies to get better results.

We can think about those ideas in some other post.

In this post, we can make ourselves engage in knowing the current SEO technologies.

SEO Technologies That Are Popular in 2022

When someone takes out a doorstep loan for the unemployed, there can be many reasons behind just one action of taking the loan out.

Now SEO can be a single thing. But just like the loan, its uses are many and it has got a bunch of tech features to help those purposes.

Laura is a leading SEO professional in a digital marketing agency based in the US and she can guide you about this:

“We see Google change and then we see technologies change. We can still be more with the Google SERP achievements about ourselves and our clients when we look at these emerging tech features and act our best to learn about them and from them. The fact is SEO is but an accumulation of all these new tech inclusions. You can nail it to digitally market a brand the best if only you know the technologies. As a matter of fact, they will teach you SEO for 2022.”

According to her, we have gotten for you a set of technologies that are killing it in the fields of digital marketing this year.

And they are written below:

  • NLP & NLG
  • The SEO A/B Test
  • Automated Content Optimisation for on-Page Content
  • VR?
  • The Mobile-first Indexing
  • TF*IDF
  • Nontextual Content Factors
  • SSL Certificate (for gaining customer loyalty)
  • GPT 3

You have known the list and now we are going to go for some advanced discussion.

Come join us!

1. NLP & NLG

Google is now going to think like a human.

Nope! Not kidding at all. As a matter of fact, NLP or Natural Language Processing does the exact same thing.

It processes the meaning behind the keyword or keyphrase you enter not in the word-by-word sense that was done previously.

With the help of NLP, Google now processes the meaning of a keyword by sense and understands the wider intent the user has with that keyword.

And that is why users can get more relevant content even after searching for a few times.

Don't you see how Google suggests content without even needing you to enter keywords all the time?

It works magically and makes you feel as if Google is your PA knowing your choices and preferences.

And this feature has also cut the requirement for excessive keyword stuffing.

On the other hand, NLG or Natural Language Generation is quite the reverse of NLP which means Google can produce written content all by itself.

Relatively new as a technology, NLG is now used to write short length content such as tags or product descriptions etc.

It is quite effective though saving a lot of time for the marketers.

2. The SEO A/B Test

This creates CONSISTENCY.

SEO A/B testing is the process of exposing your web page not just to the user but also to Google.

What it means is that you are now showing the same page to both the user and Google.

And that creates equality between users and Google with a web page, which helps marketers to come up with strategies that will ULTIMATELY WORK.

3. Automated Content Optimisation for on-Page Content

If you need to come up with a meaty content for a new web page, you have things to do before you write it down or create it.

You need to find out competitors’ sites; you have to find out special points in them and come up with ideas about ‘what’s not there that you can put’.

All of these drain your time.

What if someone else…correction…something else does it for you?

Use Fraze AI and get that information super fast.

Framing and optimising the on-page content will become much easier and faster for you now.

4. VR?

Why not?

Creating Virtual Reality content may sound a bit odd for SEO.

But think what the video game industry has done with it.

Don’t lay behind and start including VR content for your customers.

It definitely increases engagement to a great deal.

5. The Mobile-First Indexing

Isn't it comfortable to find a lending service on your Smartphone to take out the doorstep loan for the unemployed?

It is!

More than 50% of the traffic for a website comes from Mobile Devices such as a Smartphone.

Google knows that people are literally leaving their tablets and desktop computer and are searching in a Mobile device.

If you want to get the BIGGEST ROI of SEO, then urgently optimise your website for the mobile version.

That’s why it has something called the AMP Plugin.

Use it…please!


Using tools such as Text Tools, you can get the benefit of this.

What’s this?

It is known as Term Frequency Times Inverse Documents Frequency.

And what it means is that it is going to analyse how many times and in what intent a keyword or a keyphrase has been used in the webpage content.

And that implies, of course, the keyword density.

But there is something more.

This technology also tells how IMPORTANT the keyword or the keyphrase is for the content.

We are not yet sure if Google’s using it already. But you can still try it out.

It is a good SEO practice for 2022.

7. Nontextual Content Factors

People love to read.

But not always.

Give them content that doesn’t need words to express itself.


Well, visual content such as photos or videos or infographics or images/ images with typography will work great (and fast).

You can also use audio files like podcasts; musical clips etc.

Some brands are using downloadable files too.

8. SSL Certificate (for gaining customer loyalty)

It means nothing but that your website is secured.

Notice that 'https' at the beginning of the URL? The ‘s’ there stands for ‘Security’.

And that essentially is the SSL certificate.

The SSL certificate means your website is secure and therefore is an authentic one.

This is a factor not only the users check but Google analyses as well.

9. GPT 3

The GPT 3 is a bot that writes content for you.

Known as Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Number 3, it can mimic the way humans write content and can compose pretty fast because it doesn’t need time like a human being to go through extensive information.

A digital marketer may use it to write e-mails or drafts or even bullet points.

  • To Conclude

You just need to keep in mind one, simple thing.

Use tons of tech features and no one’s stopping you. But the quality of the content should be high and that IT SHOULD WORK.

And you should give your best to keep your content in that ‘functional level’.

So, you do that.

For the investment part, Honor Finance is always there for you.