What to Do to Have Money Coming in During Unemployment

After developing the habit of saving, after restricting the spending, after generating more income sources, the pain and fear of unemployment continues to persist and perhaps always will. Once you receive the title of jobless, you start to worry about your finances. An emergency cushion contributes nothing to let up your anxiety as it gradually drains away.

Unless you land a new job, you need something to inject cash to fund recurring and unexpected expenses. The ultimate solution is borrowing money from direct lenders when you have run out of money. Lenders offer different types of loans for unemployed and you must know which is best as per your credit needs and repayment potential.  

Guaranteed loans for unemployed

A lender will sign off on a loan despite your unemployment when you have side gigs to make sure that you will pay off the debt. The size of guaranteed loans for unemployed varies from individual to individual depending on credit needs and repayment capacity. These loans are best funding sources for:


Homemakers are eligible to apply for unemployed loans as long as they are able to show that they can repay the debt on time. As an income source, you can show your income through freelancing or a part-time job, and if you have no income source, you can use your spouse income. The lender will not ask you for arranging a guarantor and collateral if you are borrowing small amount.

In case of larger funds, the lender is likely ask you to put arrange a guarantor. If you need money urgently and guarantor arrangement will not be possible, you will have to secure the loan. The minimum repayment length of these loans is 1 month and maximum 6 months depending on the size.

Students who are unemployed

Unemployed loans also aim at funding the needs of students who have no full-time job. However, they should have side gigs. Students can use these funds for any expense such as tuition fees, library fees, and outstanding credit card bills, etc.

Are payday loans for unemployed different?

Payday loans for unemployed are unsecured. It means the lender will require neither guarantor nor collateral and hence the size of the loan will be very small and the repayment length cannot be over a month. Payday loans for unemployment can be taken out by anyone who has a side gig. The only different is you will borrow only a small amount. Chances are you do not have a side gig. In such a case, you need to have an offer letter from your new employer to prove that you would have joined the company before the payment date approaches.

The role of APR for Unemployed loans

Well, whether you apply for guaranteed loans or payday loans for unemployed, you must bear in your mind that they will cost you too much in interest payments. The APRs for these loans are usually high even if you have a good credit rating because unemployment is considered a risky situation. The APR consists of interest as well as fees, which is why it can go up from 391% to 521%.

Make sure that you choose a lender that offers competitive interest rates. The best method is compare deals before grabbing any offer. APR indicates the total amount of interest you will pay over your debt if you retain it for a complete year. Here is how it adds up to a larger debt.

Loan amount £100
Repayment length 30 days
Interest on loan £24
Total repayment £124
Payment due after the first rollover £148 (£124 + £24)
Payment due after the second rollover £172 (£148 +£24)
Payment due after the third rollover £196 (£172 + £24)

Now you can see how quickly the debt mounts up if you fail to pay off your debt on time. Unemployed loans with longer repayment period are better. It is far better if you get a loan with amortised feature as this will allow you pay back the principal amount along with interest in each instalment. Otherwise, you will pay down the amount of interest unless the term comes to an end and then you will reimburse the whole of the principal. Honor Finance provides instalment loans for unemployed so that you do not struggle in making repayments.