Single Parent Loans

Do you want to come out from financial boundaries while being a single parent? Get an online loan now!

Representative Example: Loan Amount of credit: £1,500 for 12 months at £132.78 per month. Total loan repayment amount of £1,593.36. Interest Amount: £93.36. Interest rate: 11.9% pa (fixed). 11.9% APR Representative.

Single Parent Loans

Single Parent Loans - Finances To Revive For Single Moms

The need of single parent loans is going higher and higher, especially when financial life loses balance. We know living the life of a single mother can be challenging in the UK.

Growing a child in your capacity can be tricky, as you have to look for everything of his/her. Everything is vital, from food to education, lifestyle to personal care. The toughest thing is that these things may not be possible with improper financial strength.

It will become tougher even to survive if you come across a financial crisis. Therefore, single parent loans can help on a broader aspect to avoid any unwanted situation.

At HonorFinance, you, as a single mother, find the most personalised loan deals. You get everything in your favour, from interest rates to repayments.

What Are Single Parent Loans?

Single parent loans do not need any specific definition, as the name suggests everything. These are typically personal loans dedicated to those parents living solely with their children.

These individuals have to take care of their children by managing every cost of them, such as:

  • Education
  • Medical costs
  • Regular expenses
  • Any surprising costs

Growing a child on a single salary can be tough nowadays. Government does help them by offering certain financial benefits. Sometimes, these benefits do not look sufficient to manage every expense.

In such a situation, loans for single parents can help a lot by bringing funds on the same day. We offer loans on such features, which are comfortable to accept for everyone.

Loans for Single Parents
Loan Amount £1000 - £10000
Loan Term 3 Months to 60 Months
Interest Rates Flexible and Affordable
Repayments Fortnightly, Weekly and Monthly
Upfront Charges Nil
Early Repayment Fees Nil (after one year)
Late Repayment Charges £8

How To Qualify For Loans For Unemployed Single Mothers?

Every day is nothing short of a challenge especially being a single mother. Looking after children is your priority, but at the same time, a tricky task. Having a financial emergency can come naturally anytime. For this scenario, you should look to loans for unemployed single mothers.

Before opting for the loan option, you need to be eligible first on certain conditions. You will not find any stringent norm to qualify grants for single mothers with us.

Here are easy-to-qualify eligibility prerequisites:-

Age: You should be above 18 years of age

Citizenship: You must obtain UK citizenship or live on a valid visa

Identity Proof: You may have to show papers describing you as a single mother

Bank Statements: We may ask you to show bank statements for the last 3 months

Benefits: Attach a soft copy of receiving single mother benefits

Monthly Income: You should be earning an either full-time or part-time monthly income

Loans For Unemployed Single Mothers

These are easy eligibility conditions, which we think anyone can fulfil. If you think you qualified for our single parent loans, we will consider your loan request if:-

  • Mainstream lenders have denied you
  • Receiving unemployed or single mother benefits
  • Living a retirement life and earning a pension
  • You may not have a good credit history

Where To Use Emergency Cash For Unemployed Single Mothers?

You may manage regular expenses with a single salary as a single mother. Difficulties arise when there is a financial emergency. You need a source to get emergency cash for unemployed single mothers.

At HonorFinance, you get bespoke offers where you get the same funding to fulfil various purposes. These may include:-

Emergency Cash For Unemployed Single Mothers
  • School Expenses

    You have to arrange money for your child in terms of his/her school uniform, tuition fees, books and participation in various camps. If you have more than one child, then costs become double. You can manage these expenses without disturbing your savings by applying for these loans.

  • Medical Emergencies

    Children may not be sincere as adults, and they may have some sort of health problems on a constant basis. Managing the medical bills will become difficult when you are not earning a full-time income. However, you can manage them with the help of our customised loans.

  • Daily Child Care

    If you have infants to take care of, you must need many things for their daily child care. Sometimes, purchasing all of them can be a task for your monthly income. By sending us a text or applying for a doorstep cash loan, you can purchase daily items for child care.

Why Should I Choose Loans For Single Parents On Benefits?

With online applications, you will not find any difficulty getting loans for single parents on benefits. Applying with not many formalities is itself the most significant advantage. Still, you can explore many loan advantages with us.

Here are the major advantages of loans for single mums on benefits in the UK:

  • Instant Loan Approval

    We understand the need for instant funding when an emergency arrives. Therefore, we do not delay the loan approval once everything gets fine. We approve your loan application within a few minutes, followed by same-day fund disbursal.

  • No Credit Check

    We are among those few lenders in the UK offering loans with no credit check. If your recent credit record is satisfactory and you ask for an affordable amount, we will not go through your credit history.

  • Competitive Interest Rates

    We are the responsible direct lenders in the UK and offer only affordable single parent loans. Therefore, you will have competitive interest rates manageable from your monthly income.

  • No Collateral Needed

    These loans are short-term funding sources, and you do not need any assets to secure the loan amount. You can also say these as unsecured loans and eliminate any risk for you.

  • Flexible Monthly Instalments

    We set the monthly loan instalments on the flexible side, which means one pay according to the monthly income. This feature is especially beneficial for those struggling with credit scores or unstable income.

Can I Get Grants For Single Mothers With Bad Credit?

Financial emergencies usually come without any prior indication. You find it hard to confront them when you are already struggling with poor credit issues. Still, you do not need to worry about it because we have a specialised deal on loans for single mothers with bad credit.

You can have easy accessibility of the loans despite a lower credit profile. How does it become possible?

It becomes possible because we give preference to your monthly income over the past credit. It means we do not take an interest in what you have done previously. You get the approval on your current financial commitments.

Suppose you lack a full-time monthly income. You should have some sort of income to manage the loan repayments. We may accept the following income sources to offer grants for single mothers:

  • Part-time income
  • Self-employment
  • Single mother benefits
  • Welfare payments
  • Retirement benefits
What Things To Remember Before Applying For Single Parent Loans?

The easy availability of loans as the help for single mothers in the UK has made a lot of comfort for single mothers. You do not need to worry about your finances since we are ready to offer you affordable loans.

With having trouble-free loan amounts from us, you may become careless in managing the loans. It should not be done at all. Instead, you should keep the focus on the below-mentioned tips:-

  • Avoid asking for the larger amount

    You not only have to manage the costs of your kids but also to manage the loan. Once you borrow money, you have to repay it with a specific monthly instalment. Therefore, if you borrow money more than your actual needs, you may struggle to repay later.

  • Find the inexpensive deal only

    Try to take some time from your busy schedule to find only a relevant loan offer. However, if you choose us as your lender, you will only pay the interest rates without upfront fees and processing charges.

  • Decide your repayment mode

    Many unemployed single mums make the mistake of choosing the wrong repayment mode. If you are sure about monthly repayments, go for only this option. Do not consider fortnightly or weekly.

  • Do not approach a broker

    Approaching a broker to get a lender will only add unnecessary costs. Instead, you can easily find us online from anywhere in the UK. You can get the direct loan benefit without anyone’s intervention with us.

How To Get Emergency Money For Single Mothers At Honorfinance?

Emergency cash for unemployed single mothers in the UK is perhaps the most significant support during a financial emergency. It is easier for single mums to manage their regular and irregular costs.

You only need to explore our website and start applying for loans online. Steps are simple to follow, and remember no hefty paperwork is there to disturb you.

Choose Your Loan

As we offer plenty of loans to single mums, you can decide your suitable one.

Fill and Submit an Online Form

Fill out a single page online form with mandatory details and submit it.

Get Approval within 5 Minutes

Once everything seems fine, we will approve your loan within a few minutes.

HonorFinance welcomes all single parents to obtain among the most reliable loan offers. Do not hesitate to mail us know if you have any queries. Our loan experts are there to help you throughout the process.


What are single-parent home loans?

Single parent home loans are personal loans. These are specifically devoted to those single parents looking for money while purchasing a home or a property. However, these loans only for filling the funding gap occurred during that significant purchase.

How can I qualify for Single Parent loans for the unemployed in the UK?

Qualifying for single parent loans for unemployed is quite easy.

  • You must be earning a fixed or part-time monthly income
  • You should carry all the documents proving you are a single parent
  • You have maintained a steady credit performance in recent times

How are benefits for single mother loans reliable?

Availed benefits for single mother loans are very reliable as they may become the repayment source of a particular loan. Lenders feel comfortable granting funds because they know that single mothers can manage repayments from their benefits.

Can I instantly get emergency money for single mothers in the UK?

Yes, of course. We deal only with online loan applications, which ensure getting emergency money for single mothers in the UK. Only a few steps are involved, and not much paperwork is needed to back the application. Besides, no guarantor or broker is involved.

Can I Get loans for single mums in the UK with very Bad Credit?

We may consider your loan application with a very poor credit score but only in rare circumstances. We will offer if we believe that situations were responsible for having such an adverse credit score and there is not your fault.

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